About us

Protozauras started out in a small garage as a passion project of a few friends in 2018. A couple of years later it’s a company serving clients in 4 continents and employing more than a dozen of people.

Initially the company was focused on prototyping, but quickly found success in and switched focus to serial production. Over the first year of the company Protozauras expanded the production capabilities to include 3-axis and 5-axis CNC milling machines, CNC turning, a number of postprocessing methods, laser welding and 3D printing.

Protozauras is trusted by our partners to produce crucial components for industries of the future, including green energy, electric vehicles, and industrial automation. Our mixture of quality, short lead time and attention to detail won over a lot of businesses and allowed us to continue expanding rapidly.

Our prototyping initiatives, even though scaled down – are not forgotten. We are happy to provide custom-made test jigs and other automation prototypes to our partners ranging from startups in medical field to large R&D teams in automotive. In addition, partnering with local Kaunas University of Technology, Protozauras is currently working on developing an off-the-shelf automation system tailored for serial production processes like our own.